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In life, we get excited about writing a story filled with our greatest hopes and dreams. But it doesn’t always go the way we planned - sometimes for the better. Other times, reality leads to unexpected hurdles for which we weren’t prepared.


Parenting is not easy - whether it’s your first or your fifteenth - challenges will always come with new transitions. Household tasks, parents and gender roles, disagreements on how to raise children, and unspoken expectations of partners are just a few of the issues that arise quickly. It’s not uncommon for most parents to come face to face with the challenge of having to unravel learned behaviours from their own childhood and dealing with communication issues with their children. In therapy, we dive into issues to help write a better, stronger, more joyful story for your family. 

Pregnancy & Postpartum

They call it “labour” for a reason, amirite? It’s work to get that baby out of you! What they don’t talk about as much is the work that goes into recovering mentally, emotionally, and physically. Comparing birth stories and experiences, unexpected pregnancy and birthing complications, traumatic births, breastfeeding challenges, emotional isolation, severe hormone shifts, physical limitations, identity insecurity, and anxiety and depression are just a few factors facing new mothers. And while it’s a different experience, partners may also be carrying the weight of these concerns. 


Through therapy, whether an individual or a couple, clients are given a space to safely feel, process, and navigate their way through the ups and downs of pregnancy and postpartum seasons.

Infertility & Child-loss

Infertility and child-loss can be one of the most heart-breaking dreams to lose. Whether it’s the ambiguous loss of a child you may never got to have, the pain of losing a child for which you had hoped, or processing through alternative methods of conception (IVF, IUI, donor, etc.), it may feel as though the family you had once imagined is just out of reach. 


Through therapy, we can work together to make sure experiences with infertility and child-loss don’t dictate your story.

Adoption & Foster Care

Whether your hopes and dreams led you to build your family through adoption and/or foster care or circumstances invited you into it, life is full of surprises. So, whether it's navigating the adoption process of the foster care system, experiencing the heavy realities many involved in adoption and foster care, dealing with attachment issues, establishing healthy boundaries with children and biological families, therapy offers a space to explore how colliding stories could be written in a healthy, supportive, and joyful environment.  

Ready to find joy again?

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