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We are designed to be in relationships with others, but that doesn’t mean healthy romantic relationships come naturally. It takes work to build a healthy foundation for both partners to stand on, time to unravel the stories that have taught us unhealthy ways to relate to others, and perseverance to create healthier patterns in our relationships. But it is worth it.

Individual & Couples Therapy

Many people believe that relationship therapy is only beneficial if both partners participate. However, it’s common for one partner to be hesitant. Individual relationship therapy is an excellent option for one partner to be a catalyst for change in their relationship. 


In session, whether with an individual or a couple, education on healthy relationships and coaching through practical relationship enhancement techniques will be provided. Clients can expect to be challenged in their habits, validated in their experiences, given a safe space to process, and receive guidance and insight into the actions or emotions of each partner.  


As a third party to the clients relationship, my goal is to provide wisdom into the dynamics of the relationship and help client(s) fight for the goals they have set through therapy. 

Ready to find joy again?

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