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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a therapy session cost?

Individual Therapy Session costs $220 (including HST) / 45 minutes

Couples Therapy Session costs $250 (including HST) / 60 minutes


Is your practice 100% virtual?

Yes. All therapy is conducted virtually (from Monday - Thursday evening).


Are therapy fees covered by insurance?

Amie Latta Psychotherapy does not do direct billing. Receipts will be sent to clients after session payment has been received in full. Client’s are, therefore, responsible for submitting their receipts to their insurance provider. Please note that coverage varies provider to provider. As a result, clients are encouraged to confirm coverage with their insurance provider prior to commencing therapy.



Do you practice outside of Ontario, Canada?

At this time, because Amie Latta Psychotherapy is registered with the College of Registered Therapists (in Ontario) only residents of Ontario can be taken on as therapy clients. However, residents of other provinces or countries are welcome to participate in psycho-educational workshops and programs offered through Amie Latta Psychotherapy. 

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