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“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

This quote gets thrown out a lot; unfortunately, we don’t all experience this dream. 

Work/Life Balance & Burn Out

On any given day, we have numerous responsibilities vying for our attention. When it comes to creating balance in our lives, it takes intentionality, boundaries, and planning, It doesn’t come on its own. 


Frustration, exhaustion, relationship breakdown, perfectionism, the feelings of losing oneself, or not being enough, and desperation are not uncommon with those who struggle to establish balance in their lives or for those who are experiencing burn out. 


The reality is what works for some doesn’t work for all. Sometimes we need help to evaluate the way we choose to live and the reasons for why we live that way. Thus, If you are looking for assistance on how to “reset,” you can expect coaching and education on the following: 

  • Self care & rest strategies; 

  • Challenge of core values; 

  • Identifying time management strategies,

  • Dealing with the inner critic; 

  • Rediscovering fulfillment; 

  • Mindfulness techniques;  

  • Cultivating positive self talk; 

  • Discovering core motivations; 

  • Space and time to process frustrations and disappointing; and

  • Support and encouragement while they reclaim themselves and their story.

Career Counselling 

Some people stay in the same field their entire working life. Some don’t. In therapy, clients looking for or experiencing a career change find the space to explore their core passions to find work that aligns with their values. 

Clients can expect to explore their personality, increase their self awareness, receive space to process passions and values, receive supportive accountability to follow through the pursuit of personal goals, and gain support for work place advocacy.  

Ready to find joy again?

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